My meal prep service is great for any of you on the go people, who don’t have the time to figure out how to eat healthy while working.  I provide pre cooked meals, that can either be easily heated up, or eaten raw- that can be brought with you to work, or anywhere throughout your day.  I can do anything from one meal a week, to breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks / drinks for a week straight.  I do up to a week at a time, so that the food doesn’t spoil on you, and I serve half the week on Monday, and the rest of your week on Thursday, so that everything is as fresh as possible.


Meal planning is a little different from my meal prep service, as where its designed more for those who want to be cooking in their kitchen, but are stumped on recipes, or don’t have the time or access to be able to get all the ingredients.  I can take care of all of that, by delivering a box to your doorstep, containing a delicious recipe (of your choosing), and all of its ingredients so that you can complete the dish yourself.  I have a list of amazing recipes you can choose from, or I can create custom recipes for you based on your needs.  You can also do a meal planning system where you just receive the recipes instead of the ingredients as well.


Trying to detox your system?  Juice & smoothie cleanses are great for that, but they have to be done correctly, or they can have some bad side affects.  I work with a nutritional / holistic health consultant specifically to plan out each juice, so that you’re getting a very wide range of nutrients, and vital sugars, to help detox your body, as well as keeping you healthy.  I do cleanses starting at one day long, and ending at one week long; but you can purchase multiple weeks in a row up front for longer cleanses (juices would just be delivered fresh at the beginning of each week).


If you’re interested in upping your skills as a vegan chef, or just want to learn some simple basics, I offer cooking classes to help you learn anything you desire!  I offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced private one on one classes, as well as group classes in the same categories.  Group cooking classes are also really fun for parties or get togethers, especially if you have some vegan skeptics out there.  We also do personalized classes, meal prep classes, and recipe planning classes, so that you can learn how to create recipes yourself.


Having a party or event that you need catered? I’ve got you covered!  I can plan out a specific plant based menu for you and your guests, with as many courses as you’d like.  I come with everything ready to go, and will plate and serve everything to your guests (unless specified otherwise).  I always recommend a tasting appointment prior to the actual event, so that I can allow you to test everything on your menu to insure your satisfaction.  I can do as many courses as needed, as well as drinks & desserts.


Hosting a dinner party at your home?  Want to actually enjoy your party instead of stressing out about cooking and preparing a feast?  Let me help!  I create a specific menu just for you, and come cook everything for you in house.  I also will plate, & serve everything to you and your guests, while providing a clean up service of the kitchen afterwards.  I can do as many courses as needed, as well as drinks & desserts.


Opening a new restaurant or changing around your menu to include more vegan friendly options?  Stuck on what to add to your menu?  I’m here to help!  I can create as many dishes as needed, in whatever cuisine, to suit your restaurant & menu in a healthy, plant based manner.  These recipes & dishes will definitely help attract the vegan crowd to your restaurant, and will deliver on flavor and creativity no doubt.